When planning for your appointment, please remember to bring the following items:

1) Your insurance cards and your co-pay.

2) A list of all your medications and dosages, including over-the counter medications, supplements, vitamins and eye drops.

3) If you are a diabetic, your last Hemoglobin A1c and recently recorded blood sugar levels.

4) All pairs of glasses that you wear, including reading glasses.

5) Your contact lenses.  If they were not prescribed by one of our doctors, bring a copy of your prescription and/or the box your lenses came in.

6) Any forms that you want the doctor to complete (such as for the bureau of motor vehicles or VDT forms.)

Pupil dilation is performed during each complete eye examination.  You may wish to arrange for a driver.

We gladly accept most insurances. Payment of any co-pay or non-covered service is expected at the time of service. If your insurance plan requires a referral, please call your primary care provider a few days before your visit to arrange for the referral.  You will need to tell your primary care provider which doctor you are seeing, and what eye problem you are having.  Failure to obtain a referral will delay your appointment or result in rescheduling until the necessary paperwork is received. Please also keep in mind that Medicare does not cover refractions (examination for glasses). Please contact our billing office for assistance or for information about payment plans.

Please call us if you have any questions about your appointment.